Trump’s trade war with China snares booming US bourbon market

As the birthplace of bourbon, Kentucky produces a staggering 95 percent of the entire world’s supply, employs approximately 17,500 workers along with also generates a cool $8.5 billion annually, according to the Kentucky Distillers Association.

There will be so much bourbon coming out of the Bluegrass State of which there are more barrels of of which amber spirit — 6.7 million barrels — than there are Kentucky residents.

Local grain farmers are also beneficiaries of the flourishing industry, since bourbon must be made that has a minimum of 51 percent corn.

In an effort to support Kentucky’s farm families, distilleries have increased their use of locally grown corn by 65 percent inside the last two years, according to the Kentucky Distiller’s Association.

What’s more, if the bourbon industry continues “its astronomical growth” the economic output will exceed $10 billion by 2020, employ more than 20,000 people along with also produce $0 million in state tax revenue, notes the Kentucky Distiller’s Association.

along with also while the bourbon industry inside the humble hills of Kentucky will be booming, experts believe of which the fresh set of tariffs will undoubtedly impede growth.

Notably, since the entirety of bourbon production can only occur within the U.S., per a 1964 congressional resolution, a duty on of which spirit will be a strategic blow to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s home state.

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