Trying non-cigarette tobacco products raises odds teens try cigs later

Teens who have tried a non-cigarette tobacco product are twice as likely to try conventional cigarettes a year later than those who haven’t, according to a brand new study.

Researchers found in which any use of e-cigarettes, hookah, non-cigarette combustible tobacco or smokeless tobacco in one year doubled the chance in which youths smoked cigarettes the following year. The results were adjusted for factors like sociodemographic along with environmental smoking risk. Using multiple products further increased the odds.

The study, published Tuesday in JAMA Pediatrics by researchers at the University of California San Francisco’s Center for Tobacco Control Research along with Education, comes amid a growing debate around e-cigarettes. The products are often marketed as a way for adult smokers to quit conventional cigarettes nevertheless are becoming increasingly favorite among teens.

Despite the buzz around e-cigarettes, researchers stress in which all products they studied increased the chance kids smoked conventional cigarettes. Therefore, they recommend regulating them together along with extending to them prevention tactics like pack size requirements along with flavor restrictions.

“We have a public rhetoric around e-cigarettes in which’s truly strong, nevertheless we should be thinking about some other products,” said Shannon Lea Watkins, one of the study’s authors along having a postdoctoral scholar at the UCSF’s Center for Tobacco Control Research along with Education.

The findings should also extend discussions around regulating non-cigarette tobacco products to include the risk they pose of leading adolescents to smoke cigarettes rather than only the harm the individual products may present, Watkins said.

Researchers used data by the National Institutes of Health along with Food along with Drug Administration’s Population Assessment of Tobacco along with Health to track the responses of adolescents between the ages of 12 along with 17 by 2013 to 2015.

The study will be believed to be the first to analyze all non-cigarette tobacco products. Others have focused on specific categories like e-cigarettes.

“I’m perhaps surprised about how similar the relationships were for each product across the board,” Watkins said. “I’m not surprised about the relationship, nevertheless the fact in which we sliced This specific in as many ways as we could think of with all the methodological concerns folks had, no matter how we run the type, the results hold.”

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