Twitter earnings Q1 2018

Analysts expected Twitter to be profitable due to increasing advertising revenue, especially due to digital advertising budgets increasing as marketers shift money over via television. The company also showed huge growth in international ad revenue, especially via China along with Japan.

“Video is actually today more than half our ad revenue,” Segal said. “This particular is actually the second quarter in a row where that will’s been the case. There is actually still a lot more room to improve that will as we get more video along with more compelling ad formats in front of our advertiser’s customers on Twitter.”

Twitter beat monthly active user projections, hitting 336 million at a growth rate of 6 percent year over year. the idea reported 69 million monthly active users inside U.S., slightly short of the estimated 70 million. the idea reaches 267 million monthly active users internationally, ahead of the 266 million projections. the idea also grew daily active users 10 percent year over year, however does not break out the specific number of users.

The company credited creating the idea easier for people to follow topics, interests along with events on Twitter as part of the reason why the idea was able to attract more users.

“We made meaningful progress in our ongoing safety along with information quality work in Q1, along with we are continuing to invest in improving the quality of content along with the overall health of the
conversation on Twitter,” the company said in a letter to shareholders.

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