Twitter Tested, in addition to Scrapped, An Algorithm that will Filled Timelines With Very Old Tweets

UPDATE: Following the publication of This kind of article, Twitter product head Keith Coleman said the company will not roll out a variation of its algorithm that will highlights old tweets to its entire user base. in addition to everyone, even those who were seeing them before, should stop seeing them.

Twitter will be constantly testing in addition to tweaking the algorithm that will shows its users “the best tweets first” in their timelines. although within the past month or so, the algorithm has commenced filling some people’s timelines with such old tweets they’ve commenced protesting loudly.

The complaints suggest that will some of users’ worst fears about the algorithmic timeline are coming true: Namely, that will messing with Twitter’s reverse chronological order would likely harm its live, vibrant feel.

although filling timelines with such old tweets doesn’t deliver on that will promise. A tweet about a baseball game the day after that will finished will be the opposite of Dorsey’s in-the-moment Twitter value proposition.

in addition to sometimes, those day-old sports tweets can cause Twitter users to relive the horror of devastating losses, such as inside case of This kind of Cleveland Indians fan:

Asked if the algorithm has been tweaked to show a higher ratio of old tweets, a Twitter spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that will the company had nothing brand new to share, “although we are always testing tweaks to make the timeline more relevant.”

Twitter users can, of course, opt out of an algorithmically sorted timeline. although only 2% of Twitter users have toggled that will option, according to the company’s latest numbers. in addition to one user who had opted-out reported seeing old tweets in her feed:

Introducing the algorithm has been not bad for Twitter. The company’s user numbers have increased since the move, along with the amount of time people spend on the site. although there’s no guarantee that will if Twitter continues to ramp up the algorithm that will will experience a proportional benefit. in addition to judging coming from the feedback coming from those currently living with the variation of the algorithm that will surfaces old in addition to repetitive tweets, the company may be finding the edge of its usefulness.

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