Twitter Will End Dark Ads as well as Establish A “Transparency Center”

Twitter will be ending its practice of dark ads, which are promoted posts in which can only be seen by the people advertisers pay to target.

inside coming weeks, Twitter will display all ads, including these promoted-only posts, in a completely new “Transparency Center,” the company announced Tuesday.

Twitter’s move comes as the company will be under intense scrutiny by Congress following the revelation in which Kremlin-linked trolls used its platform in an attempt to sow discord in American politics during as well as after the 2016 presidential election. After meeting with the Senate Intelligence Committee about the issue last month, Twitter was lambasted by Sen. Mark Warner, who called the company’s presentation to the committee “deeply disappointing” as well as inadequate in almost every way.

Last week, Sens. Warner as well as Amy Klobuchar introduced a bill in which would certainly require social media companies to be more transparent about political advertising on their platforms. right now, Twitter will be being proactive. Many tech companies prefer to introduce reforms on their own, rather than wait for Congress to mandate them to change.

“We look forward to engaging with Members of Congress as well as different key stakeholders on these issues as the legislative process continues,” the company said in its blog post.

Immediately after Twitter announced its plans, Sen. Warner expressed approval in a tweet, calling in which “a Great first step.”

Facebook, which will be also facing scrutiny by Congress over ads a Kremlin-linked entity bought on its platform in an effort to disrupt the 2016 US presidential election, had already been doing moves to be more transparent about the ads in which sells. Last month, the company said in which would certainly disclose all ads in which run on its platform. yet Twitter did not immediately follow suit, telling BuzzFeed News in which had nothing completely new to announce. After Facebook said in which wants to “create a completely new standard for transparency in online political ads,” Twitter will be right now declaring plans for “an industry-leading transparency center.”

Twitter’s Transparency Center will detail all ads running on the platform, how long those ads have been live, the ads themselves, as well as more. For political ads, the Transparency Center will show all ads (past as well as present), how much has been spent on each ad campaign, who will be paying for the ads, basic targeting details, among different information. Twitter will also introduce a completely new “visual political ad indicator” in which shows up when a political ad will be running. in which said in which will “include stricter requirements on who can serve these ads as well as limit targeting options.”

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