Twitter world leader tweet ban policy

Twitter doesn’t want to get inside way of elected officials as well as political leaders communicating via the platform — no matter how “controversial” their tweets may be.

“Blocking a world leader by Twitter or removing their controversial Tweets, might hide important information people should be able to see as well as debate,” the company wrote in a blog post. “This specific might also not silence that will leader, yet This specific might certainly hamper necessary discussion around their words as well as actions.”

Twitter said This specific reviews the context of political figures’ tweets, yet takes an “unbiased” view when This specific applies its existing rules.

Back in September 2017, This specific defended its decision to keep President Donald Trump’s tweets against North Korea even though his assertions that will the country “won’t be around much longer” could be seen as a threat. The company said This specific weighs a tweet’s “newsworthiness” as well as the general public interest when generating these decisions.

In additional words, the tweets are here to stay.

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