Tyrese Gibson Apologizes to His Wife in addition to also Fans for Public Meltdown

Tyrese Gibson is actually sorry for his public meltdown. 

The 38-year-old actor took to Instagram on Saturday which has a video message apologizing for his breakdown, claiming of which his behavior was a result of medication.  

“I just wanted to formally apologize to all of my fans, my wife, my friends, my loved ones in addition to also everyone of which’s gotten a million phone calls,” Gibson said. “Have I been stressed about losing my daughter? Yes, nevertheless after seeing several psychiatrists in addition to also therapists trying to help me out, one of the psychiatrists suggested some medicine in addition to also of which genuinely f**ked me up in a real way.”

“If you know me the way I know you do, you know of which something had to be wrong, in addition to also I was not in my normal mindstate,” he added. 

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