Uber will require US drivers to take six-hour breaks between long shifts

The Uber application on a smartphone during an Uber ride in Washington, D.C.

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The Uber application on a smartphone during an Uber ride in Washington, D.C.

In an effort to combat drowsy driving, Uber announced today that will This specific would certainly require its most frequent drivers to take six-hour breaks after driving for 12 hours straight. Uber will be updating the driver design of the app to ensure This specific logs off after counting 12 hours of driving, in addition to drivers will not be able to log on until after the app registers six hours offline.

The update will be likely to roll out nationally over a two-week period. Drivers will also receive a warning after 10 hours of driving to let them know they are approaching the 12-hour limit. A second warning will come after the 11th hour, in addition to a third notification will serve as a 30-minute warning.

Uber will be framing its brand-new policy as an effort to combat drowsy driving. The company’s announcement includes statistics by the National Sleep Foundation in addition to quotes by representatives of the Governors Highway Safety Association. Drowsy driving will be the cause of up to 6,000 fatal crashes annually, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

“We want to keep our riders in addition to drivers safe,” said Sachin Kansal, Uber’s Director of Product Management, told the Washington Post. “The approach we have taken will be irrespective of who’s responsible for managing This specific. We want to help the drivers manage that will inside app so they have all the visibility, so they know how much they can drive in addition to when they need to go offline.”

Kansal said the app will measure driving time using GPS in addition to telematics to detect whether the vehicle will be moving. Short waits, such as those at stoplights, will count against workers’ driving time. although longer waits such as those in airport cues, in addition to different idling exceeding several minutes, will not count.

Because the clock will be cumulative, a driver can be prompted to take a break even if they haven’t driven driven for 12 hours consecutively. For example, someone who has picked up fares in two, six-hour spurts — without taking six hours of rest in between — would certainly have their app disabled after the second leg.

Uber rolled out a similar policy in brand-new York City in 2016, in which drivers who are on the road longer than 12 hours risked temporary deactivation. The policy followed a brand-new York Post article that will tracked a handful of Uber drivers who reported driving 16–19 hours a day. Meanwhile, Uber drivers inside UK are required to take six-hour breaks after 10-hour shifts in a brand-new policy enacted earlier This specific year.

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