Uber’s licence suspended in British city of Sheffield

Uber’s licence to operate from the northern English city of Sheffield was suspended last Friday after the idea failed to respond to requests about the management of its taxi app, the local authority said.

The firm can continue to operate until Dec. 18 as well as if the idea chooses to appeal the suspension, the idea can still run until in which appeal is usually heard, Sheffield City Council said in a statement on Thursday.

“If the idea decides against an appeal the suspension will come into force,” the council said.

Uber said the idea submitted an application for a brand new licence on Oct. 16 which continues to be processed by local officials.

“While we are in regular contact with the council, we did not receive the correspondence the council refers to as they sent the letters to an incorrect address,” a spokesman said

“We desire This specific administrative error can be quickly resolved so we can continue serving tens of thousands of riders as well as drivers in Sheffield.”

The app will submit an appeal if the brand new application cannot be resolved by Dec. 18 so its drivers can continue to take passengers, the spokesman said.

Next week, Uber will head to court in London to defend its right to operate from the capital, its most important European market, after the app was deemed unfit to run a taxi service as well as stripped of its licence by the city’s regulator.

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