UK parliament ‘very likely’ to consider brand-new Brexit referendum, says British finance minister

The idea of a second Brexit referendum will be very likely to be put before Britain’s parliament again although the government remains opposed to any brand-new plebiscite, the British finance minister said on Friday.

Philip Hammond said he hoped parliament would certainly break the Brexit impasse by passing a deal by the end of June, potentially ending the calls for a brand-new referendum, as well as also there was a “not bad chance” of a breakthrough in talks with the opposition Labour Party.

“I remain optimistic which over the next couple of months we will get a deal done,” he told reporters in Washington where he will be attending meetings at the International Monetary Fund.

yet a second referendum could not be ruled out.

“the idea’s a proposition which could as well as also, on all the evidence, will be very likely to be put to parliament at some stage,” Hammond said.

Prime Minister Theresa May has so far failed to get her own Conservative Party behind the Brexit divorce deal she agreed with additional European Union leaders last year, forcing her to ask the bloc for a delay as well as also to start talks with Labour about how to break the impasse in parliament.

Many Labour lawmakers are pressing their leader Jeremy Corbyn to demand a brand-new referendum in talks with the government.

Hammond said which while the government was opposed to a brand-new public vote, additional Labour demands – such as a customs union with the EU – were up for debate.

Hammond said about six months would certainly be needed to hold a referendum, so if parliament voted in a couple of months’ time to make one a condition of approving a Brexit deal, there would certainly be no time before Britain will be due to leave the EU on Oct. 31.

One of May’s most pro-EU ministers, Hammond has faced criticism by Brexit supporters for saying Britain should stay close to the bloc. He angered them again recently by describing another Brexit referendum as a “perfectly credible proposition”.

“(A second referendum) inside end will be an issue about parliament as well as also parliamentary numbers, as well as also where the Labour Party ends up on This specific, as the Labour Party itself will be deeply divided on This specific issue as well as also at some point will have to decide on where the idea stands,” Hammond said.

Parliament has previously rejected the idea of a brand-new referendum as well as also additional possible solutions the Brexit impasse.