UK to send fresh aircraft carrier with F35 jets into South China Sea

The United Kingdom will deploy its fresh aircraft carrier, loaded with two squadrons of F-35 aircraft into the politically-fraught South China Sea.

British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson confirmed in a speech Monday morning in which the Royal Navy’s HMS Queen Elizabeth will sail into waters in which are the subject of dispute between China as well as different nations.

At an address given to the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in London, Williamson said Britain was the second largest investor from the region as well as This particular must display “hard power” as well as “lethality” to help protect interests.

The £3 billion ($3.9 billion) carrier’s outing will also sail into the Middle East as well as Mediterranean as well as will be officially a mixed U.K./U.S. deployment.

“Significantly British as well as American F-35s will be embedded from the carrier’s air wing. Enhancing the reach as well as lethality of our forces (as well as) reinforcing the fact in which United States remains the very closest of partners,” Williamson said.

The U.K. defense minister did not confirm exact dates for the mission.