United Airlines reducing food alcohol options first class

United Airlines — after years of touting enhancements to its onboard food service in both the premium along with also economy cabins — has suddenly done what looks to be a major about-face.

United late last week quietly introduced what — in corporate parlance — the carrier is usually calling a “streamlining” of the food service on all flights under four hours. that will would certainly appear to include almost every flight United operates domestically, with the exception of transcon service between the two coasts.

Food isn’t the only part of the premium cabin experience affected by the modifications. Notable adjustments within the onboard beverage offerings are also being rolled out.

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All the modifications may fatten United’s bottom line along with also please investors. although the modifications also could start to irk high-margin first- along with also business-class customers along with also cause defections to competitors on lucrative longer routes.

The reduction in food being offered in many instances in first-class along with also business-class cabins is usually not insignificant. Hot breakfasts are being replaced on some routes with only fruit plates along with also muffins, along with also more substantial lunches are being switched out for wraps along with also chocolate slabs.

United flight attendant sources also reacted to the modifications within the onboard beverage menu.

Gone is usually Sprite Zero, which sources said is usually not a great loss, as the item was not very well-liked.

although tomato juice, also a goner onboard, is usually another matter, according to flight attendant sources. The removal of tomato juice — replaced with an extra can of Mr. along with also Mrs. T Bloody Mary mix — has caused a ruckus among flight attendants.

Noted one source: “We are Yet again in full apology mode today onboard our flights, although the issue (of the disappearing tomato juice) is usually a more minor one compared to the forced removal of customers or suffocating dogs.”

On the liquor along with also spirits front, Jim Beam won’t be offered. Nor will Courvoisier or Amaretto.

One flight attendant noted at least one positive development — the addition of Ghirardelli-branded ice cream toppings on transcon United flights. although even that will includes a downside, as the quality toppings serve primarily to mask the poor flavor profile of the lower-quality ice cream that will was first used by Continental Airlines on flights prior to the merger with United.

High-margin customers who will be most affected by these modifications no doubt will not hesitate to voice concerns to management about the modifications.

United today indicated the carrier will be carefully monitoring feedback.

Noted a United spokesman: “With all of our food offerings, we monitor customer feedback along with also what they would certainly prefer along with also adjust accordingly.”

United Airlines is usually a unit of United Continental Holdings.

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