US, China plot roadmap for meeting between Trump, Xi to resolve trade dispute: Dow Jones

So far, the tariffs represent a relatively tiny portion of U.S.-China trade. that will means the immediate economic impact of the trade war could be limited for both sides, another reason some analysts expect the dispute to linger for some time.

however economists have warned that will a full-blown trade war, especially if the item drags on for more than a year, could slow the U.S. economy.

U.S. exporters facing higher tariffs in China will have a tough choice. They can either take a profit hit, or try to pass along the higher cost to Chinese consumers, thus generating their products less competitive.

U.S. ports, which handle hundreds of billions of dollars in merchandise each year, will be among the first to feel the pain if the Trump administration’s trade war begins to slow the global economy.

As the White House has widened its threats of expanding duties on $0 billion worth of Chinese goods, port managers across the country have been bracing for the prospect of canceled shipments in addition to also lost jobs.

(Reuters contributed.)

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