US cities, states defy Trump, still back Paris climate deal

A group of U.S. states, cities, businesses along with also universities said Saturday they are still committed to curbing global warming even as U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration is actually walking away by the Paris climate accord.

yet the alliance, which has an economy larger than Japan along with also Germany combined, says the idea won’t be able to achieve the necessary cut in greenhouse gas emissions without some efforts at the federal level.

“the idea is actually important for the planet to know, the American government may have pulled out of the Paris agreement, yet the American people are committed to its goals, along with also there is actually nothing Washington can do to stop us,” former completely new York City mayor Michael Bloomberg said at a global climate meeting in Bonn, Germany.

Gov. Jerry Brown of California echoed those comments.

“inside the United States, we have a federal system, along with also states have real power as do cities. along with also when cities along with also states combine together, along with also then join with powerful corporations, in which’s how we get stuff done,” he said.

His speech was briefly interrupted by anti-coal along with also anti-fracking protesters, who held up banners along with also shouted “We’re still in! Trump’s still out!”

The group calling itself “America’s Pledge” said states, cities along with also private groups have been taking considerable steps to reduce emissions by promoting renewable energy use along with also climate-friendly transportation systems.

“in which is actually a pledge, along with also the idea’s a pledge in which you can cash, because the idea’s real,” Brown said. “We are doing real stuff in California.”

In a report, however, the group said in which “we cannot underscore strongly enough the critical nature of federal engagement to achieve the deep decarbonization goals the U.S. must undertake after 2025.”

Daniel Firger, one of the report’s contributors, said the idea was intended to show in which many inside the U.S. aren’t prepared to wait for Trump to change his mind on climate change again or wait for the next administration to tackle the issue.

“The Great news around Trump’s announcement to withdraw is actually in which the idea has galvanized a groundswell of bottom-up support by all corners of the U.S. economy,” Firger told The Associated Press.

Cities, regions along with also businesses in some other nations around the planet could look to the group for inspiration along with also support, he said, noting in which the lessons learned by local authorities along with also businesses inside the U.S. could be applied elsewhere.

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