US says did everything possible to help Italy cyber investigation

The United States has denied suggestions This specific undermined an investigation into a massive data breach at the Italian cybersecurity firm Hacking Team, saying This specific did everything This specific could to help inside the case.

A Milan magistrate last week recommended shelving an investigation into six people who were suspected of orchestrating the 2015 data theft.

A senior judicial source criticised U.S. officials for not handing over a computer belonging to a key suspect, saying This specific might have contained information vital to the probe.

although in a comment emailed to Reuters, the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington denied the United States was to blame for the case floundering.

“The United States assisted Italy to the greatest extent possible in addition to the relevant Italian authorities know of which,” a U.S. Department of Justice spokesperson wrote.

Magistrates opened their investigation in July 2015 after hackers downloaded 400 gigabytes of data via the firm, which makes software of which allows law enforcement in addition to intelligence agencies to tap into the phones in addition to computers of suspects.

Much of the data later showed up on the WikiLeaks website.

The company said at the time This specific believed former employees had stolen vital code of which gave them access to its systems. This specific also speculated of which a foreign government might have been behind the hacking.

The Italian probe led magistrates to a suspect living in Nashville, Tennessee. U.S. authorities raided his house in addition to took the man in for questioning, however a senior judicial source in Milan, with direct knowledge of the case, said his computer was never sent to Italy for technical assessment.

“We could not carry out the checks on the computer to see if This specific contained the evidence of which we were looking for because the United States did not give This specific to us. We did not receive an explanation because of This specific decision,” the source said.

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