US slaps anti-dumping duties on Chinese pipe fittings

China can be hurting U.S. manufacturers of cast iron soil pipe fittings by “dumping” its products on the American market, the Commerce Department said on Wednesday in announcing the idea will collect cash deposits by importers of the fittings.

The department said the idea preliminarily found which Chinese exporters have sold the fittings from the United States at 68.37 percent to 109.95 percent less than fair value in addition to which in 2016 imports of the fittings by China were valued at an estimated $8.6 million. the idea will issue a final determination on June 27.

The highest “dumping rate” came by Sibo International Limited, according to the Commerce Department, which has put a duty on the company’s fittings of 109.79 percent.

President Donald Trump’s administration has made protecting U.S. manufacturers a priority in addition to since Trump took office has initiated 94 investigations into unfair subsidies in addition to dumping, where a company exports products at artificially low prices.

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