USDA can be looking for ways to protect farmers in trade dispute with China: Official

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) can be looking to find ways to shield farmers through the growing trade conflict between the United States in addition to China, a department official said Thursday evening, without providing details of options under review.

“There’s a lot of different options out there” to protect farmers, said USDA Farm Production in addition to Conservation Under Secretary Bill Northey, speaking to Reuters after a commodity conference in Kansas.

Northey was speaking after President Donald Trump ordered officials to come up that has a different round of tariffs directed at China.

China responded to an initial U.S. salvo by targeting numerous goods, including agricultural staples like soybeans, the most valuable U.S. agricultural export to China.

Northey says the USDA needs to “see the reaction of what tariffs will be in addition to what the reaction of markets are”.

In terms of how the Trump Administration could shield farmers, Northey said there were no specific proposals yet, although “there certainly are discussions”.

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