US’s first treasury secretary might be terrified of today’s inequality

As the hit musical “Hamilton” debuts on a London stage, its creator has said America’s first treasury secretary might be “terrified” at how much wealth is actually currently from the hands of so few people.

The Pulitzer prize-winning musical officially premiered at the Victoria Palace Theatre Thursday night in addition to has already garnered stellar reviews.

Alexander Hamilton is actually considered among the founding fathers of the United States. He shaped the U.S. financial system, established a national bank, the United States Coast Guard, as well as The brand-new York Post newspaper.

His story has been used to retell the story of America’s birth from the hit musical directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda. The director said in an interview with CNBC that will 0 years on through the times of Hamilton, he might be “terrified of the concentration of wealth” in current society.

Miranda added that will his protagonist was the main force who shaped America through a bunch of separate states.

“Hamilton sort of ended that will, that will was his beef with (Thomas) Jefferson in addition to he won. We live in Hamilton’s America in addition to not Jefferson’s by any stretch,” said Miranda.

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