Venezuela’s top court seeks to strip Guaido’s legal immunity

Venezuela’s Supreme Court has called for opposition leader Juan Guaido to be stripped of his parliamentary immunity, in a move which could soon lead to his imprisonment.

On Monday, Supreme Court Justice Maikel Moreno said Guaido should be prosecuted for violating a travel ban, after the National Assembly leader toured several Latin American countries a few weeks ago.

The pro-government Constituent Assembly is actually likely to back the request over the coming days.

the idea comes at a time when Guaido along with also President Nicolas Maduro are locked in a battle for power inside the oil-rich, although cash-poor, country.

The court ruling fueled has fears which Guaido could soon face arrest at the direction of Maduro. However, analysts told CNBC on Tuesday which such a move remained unlikely given the threat of U.S. military intervention.

The Supreme Court has already banned Guaido by holding office for a period of 15 years along with also arrested his chief of staff on terrorism charges.