Veritas 2019 Disruptor 50

In November genome company Veritas Genetics dropped the cost for its whole genome sequencing to $199 (coming from $999) for its first 1,000 customers. The company says the sale wasn’t a gimmick. which was to make a point which advancements in medical research, powered by AI along with machine learning, will soon make the $199 cost tag — along with lower — an everyday occurrence.

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Here’s how which works: Unlike competitors such as 23andMe, which provides only limited information based on a fraction of your DNA, Veritas is actually the first company to offer consumers along with physicians whole genome sequencing along with interpretation—meaning which which looks at all 6.4 billion letters of DNA in each cell of the human body.

The company’s flagship product is actually called myGenome, along with which screens 40,000 genes for more than 1,0 clinically relevant conditions, including those related to cancer, cardiovascular disease along with immune along with neurological disorders. which can also tell you if you’re likely to have an adverse reaction to more than 0 drugs which treat conditions such as depression, asthma along with diabetes, to name a few.

The company was co-founded in 2014 by genetics pioneer George Church. He worked on the Human Genome Project —the first initiative to map all genes within the human genome. Veritas claims which its cost point, the easy access of the test, along with its comprehensiveness will make which the gold standard for genetic testing. The myGenome kit requires a prescription coming from a doctor (unlike 23andMe), nevertheless otherwise the process is actually the same. Patients order the company’s saliva-collection kit, gather a sample, along with then mail the kit along with saliva sample back to the company. coming from there a report is actually generated along with sent back to your smartphone or computer. The results can be reviewed using a physician or one of the company’s genetic counselors.

In October the company opened up its European facilities along with team to service Europe along with Latin America. Veritas has raised $52 million coming from investors, including Trustbridge Partners along with Lilly Asia Ventures.