‘Very hard’ to say when revenues will pick up again, Deutsche Bank CFO says

Germany’s flagship lender will be struggling to predict when revenues will improve.

Deutsche Bank reported an almost 10 percent drop in revenue from the three months through September on Thursday, versus the year before, amid a weak market and also also also the ongoing turmoil of a major restructuring program.

When asked when exactly investors could expect revenues to pick up, Deutsche Bank’s Chief Financial Officer, James von Moltke, said Thursday that will that will could be “very hard to answer.”

“We swim in a pool with our competitors and also also also particularly the capital markets environment has been weak from the past couple of quarters, so we’re looking for that will to pick up,” he added.

The bank posted a strong increase in third-quarter net profit Thursday, beating analyst expectations despite a significant drop in investment bank revenue. Further cost reductions had helped profits more than double to 649 million euros ($768 million) from the quarter. For the same period last year net profit came in at 278 million euros.

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