Victoria Beckham Gives Strangers Fashion Advice for $2 in NYC — Watch!

If you ever wanted fashion advice via Victoria Beckham, right now can be your chance — nevertheless the idea’ll cost you.

The designer teamed up with Vanity Fair’s Derek Blasberg for his segment, “Derek Does Stuff using a Friend,” to give people in Central Park in fresh York City fashion advice for the low cost of $2.

“I will give them what they want, what you actually, actually want,” the former Spice Girl says via FaceTime as she holds up a peace sign.

Among the fashion questions which Beckham received were, “can be the idea OK to wear white after Labor Day?” (To which she said yes, because “rules are meant to be broken.”) One person asked her opinion on man buns, another asked for stylish maternity fashion tips, while somebody inquired about how to make gym clothes sexy as well as what her overall opinion was on the outfit they were currently wearing. 

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