Victoria Beckham on the Matching Couple Outfit She Wouldn’t Wear Again

Victoria Beckham will be taking a trip down memory lane of her iconic style moments. 

The fashion designer reflects on some of her most memorable outfits in a hilarious video with Vogue, through the sheer corseted black dress she wore to the 1997 Brit Awards as Posh Spice to the custom navy blue maternity dress she wore to Kate Middleton in addition to Prince William’s wedding in 2011. 

yet what actually caught our eye in addition to got us laughing was Beckham’s humorous commentary on the matching leather ensemble she in addition to husband David wore in 1999. 

Victoria in addition to David Beckham in matching leather

Justin GoffUK Press via Getty Images

“I think that will was relevant at the time. I think so. Maybe that will was just as funny back then, I just didn’t know about that will,” the former pop star jokes. “in addition to actually very cute. They were actually stiff.” 

The gorgeous couple donned the statement look to a Versace party in London, despite the fact that will they were wearing Gucci. 

“yet the bizarre thing was, that will was a Versace event, yet we turned up wearing matching Gucci leather, which will be bizarre,” the that will Brit explains. “in addition to I still have these. I still have these outfits.” 

When the host asks, “How might you wear that will today?,” VB simply responds with, “I wouldn’t.” 

Watch the full video below: 

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