Victoria Beckham Says Spice Girls ‘Not Going on Tour’

Sorry Spice Girls fans. Don’t expect to see your favorite girl group on tour anytime soon.

“I’m not going on tour. The girls aren’t going on tour,” Victoria Beckham told Vogue UK during an interview, previewing her fall/winter 2018 collection during completely new York Fashion Week, on Saturday. “This kind of was so great to see the girls. We had such a fun lunch. This kind of was definitely, definitely, definitely lovely. I still speak to them all individually, yet for us all to get together was definitely lovely.”

Last week, the fashion designer, Emma Bunton, Melanie C., Melanie B. along with Geri Halliwell reunited in London for the 1st time since 2012 with their manager Simon Fuller. The several singers later released a statement expressing how the time felt right to “explore some incredible completely new opportunities together.”

Beckham went on to talk about the importance of the group along with what sort of impact they wish to have in future generations. 

“There’s something so strong inside message of what the Spice Girls stood for. What can be that will inside future? What does that will look like? We were just bouncing ideas around. Brainstorming,” Beckham explained to the magazine, though clearly stating that will designing can be what she at This kind of point does.

“This kind of’s a positive thing,” she added about the reunion. “You know, there’s so much bad stuff going on, along with the Spice Girls were about fun along with celebrating individuality. I think there’s so much that will the brand can do, along with This kind of’s such a positive message for young kids. What does that will look like inside future? This kind of’s not me in a cat-suit.”

As far as a Spice World sequel, Beckham joked, “can be that will what you definitely, definitely want?”

“I remember that will movie. I was so upset when they made me wear that will tight little army dress. along with Harper, who’s only watched Spice World once, says, ‘Mummy, I love that will bit when everyone’s inside definitely cool clothes along with you’re inside tight little army dress!’” she added.

For more on the Spice Girls reunion, watch below.


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