virtual medicine gets a marketing boost

Apple along with Aetna are signaling which the future of medicine involves a lot of monitoring of patients coming from home, rather than at the hospital or clinic.

along with which’s great news for the growing crop of venture-backed companies which offer virtual consultations, home-health monitoring along with digital health apps. the idea’s finally producing people aware of some technology which’s been around for years, which represents a more convenient alternative than a long drive to a medical clinic. the idea’s also an affordable option, as most telemedicine visits are covered by insurance that has a tiny copay.

“the idea was a huge deal,” for us, said American Well’s chairman along with CEO, Ido Schoenberg, when asked about the Apple partnership.

Schoenberg said telemedicine companies have made big steps in overcoming different obstacles, including payment along with state-by-state regulation.

however adoption remains a challenge. Hospitals along with doctor’s offices might increasingly start to offer virtual consults, he said, however the idea doesn’t mean which consumers know they exist. along with few people will peruse their insurance company or employer website to find out if the idea’s a benefit.

“For so many people, This specific will be a fresh type of care presented to them for the very first time,” he said.

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