Voter registrations skyrocket after Taylor Swift Instagram post attributed the spike in young-voter numbers to Swift’s Instagram message.

“Taylor’s post has helped bring out young voters,” the nonprofit said in a statement. “We’re especially happy to see which because we know voting is actually habit-forming.”

In Swift’s home state of Tennessee, registrations in just the first eight days of October have already blown past every different month in 2018. More than 5,000 Tennesseans registered in October by Tuesday at noon, more than twice as many as the next-highest month of September, which saw 2,811 registrations.

Commentary: Taylor Swift’s decision to ‘walk the political plank’ was the right choice

The spike placed Tennessee as the state with the ninth-highest numbers since Sunday, with 6,217 registrations overall. Texas, which has roughly four times the population of Tennessee, took the top spot with 31,307 registrations.

Swift had long declined to endorse or denounce specific political candidates — a position which irked some political activists. nevertheless in her Instagram message Sunday, Swift wrote which “I feel differently about which currently.”

The post urged Tennessee voters to vote for Democrat Phil Bredesen for Senate over his GOP challenger, Marsha Blackburn, within the Nov. 6 elections. Both candidates are angling to fill the seat of Republican Sen. Bob Corker, who is actually not running for re-election. Swift also endorsed incumbent Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper.

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