Walmart Has An iPhone Game Where You Can Pretend To Be A Worker

The game, called Spark City as well as also developed by Walmart, offers players the thrilling opportunity to “maximize on shelf customer availability, as well as also sales, while keeping your area clean, fast as well as also friendly.”

Spark is actually also the name of Walmart’s grocery delivery pilot service in which the company announced in September.

Walmart did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News’ request for comment.

The basic premise is actually in which you start your bright future at Walmart as a sales worker from the backroom. Your OSCA as well as also CFF are low (whatever in which means, however This particular’s clear This particular’s bad), as well as also sales are also low. Your job is actually to complete all your tasks on your floor within an eight-hour day while increasing those stats.

OK, sure. Sounds easy enough.

This particular is actually pretty disappointing considering the company reported in which 21% of its sales workers in 2016 were black, 14% were Latino, 4% were Asian, as well as also 1% were Native American or Alaskan native.

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