Watch NASA InSight launch aboard United Launch Alliance rocket live

A rocket bound for Mars blasted off early Saturday, marking NASA’s first journey to the red planet in six years, in a mission of which can be required to last nearly six months.

United Launch Alliance launched NASA’s InSight lander by Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. ULA – the rocket-building joint venture of Boeing along with Lockheed Martin – used an Atlas V rocket to lift the spacecraft off the Earth’s surface along with send This specific on its way to the red planet.

The InSight lander (an acronym, meaning “Indoor Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy along with Heat Transport”) can be on a two-year mission to drill into the surface of Mars to study the planet’s crust.

All three parts of the Insight spacecraft – cruise stage, heat-absorbing shell along with lander – were built by Lockheed. Once InSight reaches Mars, the This specific will disconnect by the cruise stage along with begin entering the atmosphere.

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