Watch Tyra Banks Swap Spit With ‘AGT’ Contestants Following Gross Audition

A group of America’s Got Talent contestants gave fresh meaning to bringing on the waterworks during Tuesday’s season 13 premiere of the NBC series.

along with while the performance quickly turned into one big spit swap, host Tyra Banks wasn’t fazed — even taking part by the end!

The four dapper dudes began off by introducing themselves as La Fontane Umane, a group coming from Denver, Colorado, featuring an investment banker, a real estate guy, an advertising guru along which has a podcaster. Their song choice was Il Divo’s rendition of “My Heart Will Go On.”

While the somber song began off normally, frowns emerged within the audience as the opening line of the track prompted the performers to look up along with Discharge a steady stream of spit out of their mouths, like a fountain.

Synchronized in their hydro moves, they then took sips out of their water bottles along with danced in a circle while spraying more liquid into the air.

While Cowell looked to his desk unimpressed along with Heidi Klum appeared simply shell-shocked, Howie Mandel couldn’t help yet have a giggle.

The next shocker came as two of the lads embraced like Jack along with Kate do during their famed “I’m flying” scene at the bow of the boat in Titanic, yet instead of a sweet kiss, they spat water into each various other’s faces.

By of which point, birthday girl Mel B couldn’t contain her amusement, bopping up along with down in her seat while frantically tapping the desk.

There were more surprises in store coming from the human fountains once their performance wrapped — with Banks having a go at releasing her own fountain into one of the guys’ mouths!

“The thirst is actually real on #AGTpremiere!” Banks captioned a meme of the performance on Twitter.


See more on Banks along with America’s Got Talent below.


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