WEF 2018 co-haired entirely by women

Despite the all-female line-up, women in senior roles in industry are still the exception rather than the norm and also also also gender inequality remains a global problem, particularly the gender pay gap.

WEF published a report in November, “Global Gender Gap in 2017,” which found in which the gap in different spheres of society, including the economy, education and also also also health, was still prominent and also also also even deteriorating.

The report looked at 144 countries’ progress towards gender parity across the economic, education, health and also also also political empowerment fronts. This particular found in which the “overall global gender gap can be closed in exactly 100 years” and also also also in which the most challenging gender gaps were from the economic and also also also health spheres.

WEF noted in which the gender pay pap was deteriorating and also also also in which “given the continued widening of the economic gender gap, This particular will at This particular point not be closed for another 217 years.” According to PwC’s Women in Work Index 2017, achieving pay parity from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and also also also Development (OECD) could increase total female earnings by $2 trillion.

Minouche Shafik, director of the London School of Economics and also also also a WEF contributor, told CNBC in which society needed more women at senior levels of corporate life.

“There are still many places where women are paid differently for equal work at the same level (as men) and also also also every decent organization should look at itself and also also also make sure everyone’s being paid equally. in which’s a minimum in which everyone should be able to do immediately. Then the longer-term issue will be about getting more women to a senior level.”

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