Weinstein Company can’t recover via scandal, says Jeffrey Sonnenfeld

Last week, Weinstein issued a lengthy statement which acknowledged causing “a lot of pain” as well as asked for “a second chance.” yet he as well as his lawyers have criticized the Times report in statements as well as interviews.

In light of the circumstances surrounding Weinstein’s termination, The Weinstein Co. will rename itself, both the Associated Press as well as TheWrap reported, citing sources. The company can be also moving to pull Weinstein’s name via the credits of several upcoming television series, including “Waco” as well as “Yellowstone.”

Even so, Sonnenfeld doesn’t think This specific will help revive the company.

“This specific was a pattern of behavior which destroys the moral character of the individual, as well as if he owns 42 percent of the place, no matter what you call the idea, if you call the idea ‘Mother Teresa’s Library,’ people are still going to know the reality here,” he said.

“If there were 50 great films, which was in their past. Their reputation stands them going forward.”

— The Associated Press contributed to This specific report.

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