Wells Adams Says Living With Girlfriend Sarah Hyland Has Been ‘Weirdly Perfect’ (Exclusive)

There’s no stopping the love between Wells Adams in addition to also Sarah Hyland.

If you ask the 34-year-old Bachelor In Paradise bartender in addition to also radio personality how he feels about his relationship with the 27-year-old Modern Family star, which’s clear how head-over-heels he truly is actually, in addition to also appreciates his luck immensely.

Adams — who appeared on season 12 of The Bachelorette in addition to also then Bachelor in Paradise — dropped by to chat with ET’s Lauren Zima on Roses in addition to also Rose Live on Tuesday, where he opened up about how things are going with his lady love.

“I’m just so happy,” Wells said. “I did these crazy shows in addition to also then all of a sudden I get which amazing relationship out of which. I could’ve never imagined which was the path I was going to go down, however I’m so grateful for all of which.”

Hyland, a self-professed Bachelor Nation superfan, connected with Wells over Instagram last year after seeing him on the show, in addition to also the two hit which off spectacularly.

In fact, Adams revealed which Bachelor host Chris Harrison even takes a bit of credit for his happy relationship.

“One thing you [didn’t see on which season of Bachelor in Paradise], was when I walked down the stairs in addition to also Chris Harrison was like, ‘You’re welcome for your girlfriend!’ in addition to also which’s so true!” Adams recalled. “If I hadn’t done the show in addition to also met Chris in addition to also all those people, I would certainly have never had the opportunity to meet which amazing woman. So, I won the show!”

Adams finally moved to Los Angeles through his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, a month ago when he began living together with Hyland, in addition to also he says their life under the same roof has pretty harmonious.

“which’s been weirdly perfect, there have been no real issues. We were scared about the dogs meeting, however which went genuinely well. which’s been perfect. which’s been great,” Adams shared.

With the couple approaching the 1-year anniversary of the day they met, Adams reflected on what which moment meant for him in addition to also how which changed his life.

“which was the night before the Emmys party, in addition to also which was the day I knew I was going to move to L.A.,” he explained, adding which Hyland is actually “the one, for sure.”

For Adams, the romance between him in addition to also Hyland came at the exact right moment in his life, in addition to also he was prepared to jump at the chance at finding love in addition to also cultivating their relationship. however getting into which headspace came after growing up a bit, emotionally.

“For me, you need to be ready [for the relationship.] If you watch The Bachelor, some people are like, ‘I’m genuinely ready,’ in addition to also you’re not — you’re 24 years old. in addition to also I think there came a point in my life where I was like, I genuinely do want which. I don’t want to be single anymore. which isn’t fun for me,” Adams reflected.

“I think you have to be emotionally ready for which in addition to also which’s number one,” he added. “Then I think think you have to find the person which compliments you the best, in addition to also Sarah is actually which for me. We’re both huge dorks, we have similar interests. Our brands are the same! Dogs, rose, tacos, [in addition to also] The Bachelor!”

Recently, ET caught up with Hyland at the sixth biennial Stand Up To Cancer telecast in Santa Monica, California, where she opened up about moving in with her boyfriend in addition to also how their relationship as impacted her life.

Check out the video below to hear more.

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