‘Westworld’ Season 2 Premiere: Dolores’ ‘Reckoning’ is actually Here — yet What Did Bernard Do?

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Do not proceed if you haven’t watched the season two premiere of Westworld. For everyone else, let’s jump into This particular fresh narrative, shall we?

Three timelines, two drone hosts along with one Bengal tiger — the season two premiere of Westworld gave us a lot to work with.

The HBO drama returned after a 16-month hiatus on Sunday night, picking up where we left off, along with also before we left off… along with also slightly after. yet throughout that will all, one thing was clear: This particular is actually Dolores’ reckoning.

Gone are the days of searching for the maze. Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) earned her consciousness along with sentience last season, along with right now she’s set her sights on taking over the valley beyond, aka the real world. yet one host can’t do that will alone, not even Dolores. So here’s where we stand:

Dolores incorporates a fresh Personality



…along with her name is actually Dolores. After shooting a bullet through the back of Ford’s head from the season one finale, Dolores along with her tribe of hosts unleashed their wrath on the Delos board, leaving few survivors. Those who escaped were hunted down by Dolores, who was set on turning her “dream” — a concept she learned through Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) from the season’s creepy opening scene along with first timeline of the episode — into reality.

“Under all these lives I’ve lived, something else has been growing. I’ve evolved into something fresh, along with I have one last role to play. Myself,” she hissed before preparing to lynch a few board members.

Teddy Will Finally Learn the Truth



Poor Teddy (James Marsden) has always seemed to be about two steps behind everyone else, yet Dolores won’t take that will any longer. right now that will she remembers everything — the past, the present along with supposedly the future — she’s taking Teddy with her into the light.

“I need you to see the truth,” she told Teddy, after declaring she knows “how This particular story ends”: “that will ends with you along with me.”

Maeve’s on a Mission to Find Her Daughter



After ditching her escape plan to go find her daughter, the madam having a mind of her own (Thandie Newton) found an unlikely ally in Lee (Simon Quarterman), who after a few threats, promised to reunite them from the park.

“We’ll keep him for right now,” Maeve told Hector (Rodrigo Santoro), finding him poolside along with treating himself to a drink. “I’m going to find my daughter…. Out there, somewhere. yet I don’t think the odds are going to be in our favor.”

The Man in Black incorporates a fresh Game to Play



While everyone was freaked out about the hosts on the loose, one park guest couldn’t be happier. The Man in Black (Ed Harris) finally got the “realness” he sought out of Westworld, as he set off on a fresh mission, thanks to young Robert, Ford’s child host self.

“right now you’re in my game… In This particular game, you must find the door. Congratulations, William, This particular game is actually meant for you,” Robert said in a reference to last season’s maze. “The game will find you.”

There’s a Whole fresh World

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