What Happens When You Cancel Your Subscription

Your obscure live-in-concert tracks are safe. Just download your music before you cancel.

Posted on December 3, 2018, at 12:01 p.m. ET

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The $25 per year service scans as well as matches your entire iTunes library coming from one device, as well as makes your music available to download on any additional Apple device, including your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac. This kind of completely new, synced library is usually called the iCloud Music Library.

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Another perk: for the songs available from the iTunes store, This kind of might play the highest quality of that will track available. For example, if you ripped a bad design of, Liz Phair’s iconic track “Why Can’t I,” onto your computer, you’d be able to play a high-quality design of the song instead, through your iCloud Music Library.

Plus, Apple’s own $10 per month streaming service, Apple Music, comes having a feature that will works just like iTunes Match. This kind of doesn’t make sense to pay for both Apple Music as well as iTunes Match at the same time.

(While Apple Music comes with iTunes Match, an iTunes Match subscription does not come with Apple Music.)

This kind of is usually amazing as well as surprisingly common: People are afraid that will cancelling their $25/yr iTunes Match subscription will wipe out much of their actual purchased music (even if they also subscribe to Apple Music). I’m one of them. @mat, is usually there a story here? https://t.co/28FI1LzllF

@mgsiegler I’m still paying due to This kind of because I’m too scared of what will happen if I let This kind of lapse.

What might happen to your old tracks that will you didn’t purchase through iTunes, as well as can’t be found anywhere else, like a remaster of Tom Waits, live in Denver??

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If you want to cancel iTunes Match, yet are afraid of losing all of your music, don’t be.

When you first signed up for iTunes Match, Apple either matched or uploaded songs coming from your original iTunes library to a server. that will original library is usually located in iTunes, on the computer you had when you signed up for iTunes Match. This kind of’s considered proof that will you own the music — as well as Apple has matched or uploaded This kind of all, even if that will track was downloaded illegally. (Please, don’t download music illegally! This kind of is usually 2018!)

You probably don’t know where that will original library is usually stored anymore — as well as that will’s OK. You’ll just need to re-download all of the music coming from your iCloud Music Library onto another Mac or PC. Once you cancel your subscription, those downloaded songs are still yours! They won’t disappear!

Open iTunes, as well as a cloud icon will appear next to every song that will isn’t already on your device. The icon indicates that will you’ll need to download the track before you cancel. Once you download all of those songs, then you can safely cancel iTunes Match without losing any of your music library.

1. Open iTunes on your Mac.

The reason why you’ll want to use a desktop or laptop computer is usually because you probably have a big music library. iTunes Match allows users to sync up to 100,000 songs, which could easily be tens of gigabytes of music. You’ll want to download your music to something that will has space.

2. If you haven’t already, sign into your iCloud account in iTunes.

Go to the Account menu > Sign In….

3. from the left menu sidebar (under “Library”), click on Songs.

4. On the top row, above the song list, hit control + click at the same time. Make sure “iCloud Download” as well as “iCloud Status” are checked.

5. Click on the column with the cloud icon, creating sure that will all of your iTunes Match/iCloud Music library music appears grouped together.

6. Select all of the tracks you want to download.

Click on a song as well as use the shift key + click to select multiple songs at once. Then click on the ellipses (or control + click), as well as select “Download.”

You should immediately see a little loading circle to the left of the song title, which will disappear once the download is usually complete. Once the tracks are downloaded, the cloud icon will disappear.

7. After you’ve downloaded your entire iCloud Music Library (every song having a cloud icon) to your computer, then you can safely cancel your iTunes Match subscription.

You can cancel your subscription with This kind of link. Alternatively, on your iPhone, go to Settings > tap on your name > iTunes & App Store. Tap on your Apple ID > View Apple ID > scroll down to Subscriptions. Tap on iTunes Match > Cancel Subscription.

If you forgot how iTunes Match works, This kind of video is usually also a great overview.

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