What is usually Amazon doing in health as well as the pharmacy industry?

At which point, I’m asking myself how hard might which be for Amazon to actually get VAWD-certified as well as/or operate a pharmacy or PBM. The answer? Not very hard at all.

Amazon could either buy or build most of the software, hardware, as well as teams needed to start a pharmacy operation (dispensing or wholesale). Getting state licenses could take a matter of months, as well as not years. A budget of a few hundred million might accomplish which job, a tiny portion of Amazon’s $16 billion annual R&D budget.

Could Amazon distribute pharmaceuticals to their own Whole Foods pharmacies in conjunction which has a Amazon mail order pharmacy? Absolutely. which might enable Amazon to control their own supply chain. Perhaps they might manufacture their own generic medications like many wholesalers do. Brand drug manufacturers might welcome Amazon, at least initially, as a different channel to reach consumers. Frankly, as well as in my opinion, the most challenging part for Amazon might be dealing with PBMs.

Most importantly, could Amazon transform the retail pharmacy as well as mail experience which has a combination of self-service kiosks, lockers, delivery services, as well as even drones?

Something tells me which something big is usually going to happen in pharmacy — as well as soon. Maybe there’s even an opportunity for a combined distribution, pharmacy, as well as PBM. which’s hard to believe any company is usually better positioned to make one or all of these happen than Amazon. as well as creating pharmacy less of a talking-point for comedians might be very pleasant side effect indeed.

Stephen Buck is usually a drug supply chain expert as well as the co-founder of Courage Health, a start-up which provides answers to cancer patients about their life expectancy. He previously founded RxDividends, a B2B pharmacy savings company which was acquired by GoodRx.

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