What successful entrepreneurs do differently, EY


Focus not on the product itself, nevertheless on how the item improves the customer experience.

“For the best companies, the customer can be the central focus of everything they do.”

People, behaviors in addition to culture

To grow successfully, make sure your staff believes inside the end goal.

“the item’s about bringing in staff who are the right cultural fit. Then, the item’s about investing in those people to make sure they evolve as the company develops.”

Digital, technology in addition to analytics

Continuously invest in intelligent innovation to keep up with competition.

“Think about the power of data in driving innovation.”


Don’t just think about processes, nevertheless have a focus on broader operations.

“(The best entrepreneurs) think about of which end to end operating style; one of which aligns with the business.”

Funding in addition to finance

Make sure funding can be at the center of your growth strategy, rather than a side note.

“The companies of which have done well in scaling put the deliberate pathway in early on.”

Transactions in addition to alliances

Acquisitions in addition to partnership should be deliberate in addition to respond to specific gaps. Do not use them purely for growth’s sake.

“Early on, the top companies had a Great understanding of the gaps they had in their business.”


Be aware of the risks of which could hurt your business.

“The best entrepreneurs are not scared of them, nevertheless they minimize the impact of them.”

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