What Tesla takeover proposal could look like

currently of which Tesla CEO Elon Musk has hired advisers for his plan to take the U.S. electric car maker private, in addition to the Tesla board has named a special committee of independent directors to evaluate This specific — two steps CNBC reported might happen last week— the next milestone can be for Musk to actually put together a formal proposal.

(Ideally, This specific proposal might already exist, nevertheless let’s table of which point for currently.)

Musk’s offer can be likely to include conditional financing coming from third parties, including Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, in addition to may have requirements of which a certain number of Tesla shareholders roll over their existing stakes into a private company, according to M&A bankers in addition to lawyers who have worked on similar transactions. Putting these conditions in a proposal will allow Musk to show the board something quickly without having to secure tens of billions in committed financing.

This specific’s also possible the Saudi sovereign wealth fund could commit much more in financing, nevertheless Tesla’s cash-burning business, costly factories in addition to Committee on Foreign Investment from the United States (CFIUS) issues make of which less likely, the bankers in addition to lawyers said.

Of course, Musk already tweeted he had secured financing last week, which has reportedly prompted an SEC inquiry. While conditional clauses may aid Musk’s efforts in lining up financing, the SEC will only care about what he knew to be true at the time of his first tweet, said Thomas Gorman, a lawyer at Dorsey & Whitney in addition to a former SEC enforcement attorney who specializes in financial fraud in addition to market manipulation.

This specific’s particularly important there can be Saudi financing from the formal proposal because Musk has specifically said the country’s sovereign wealth fund’s interest in taking the company private was the basis for his “funding secured” comment,” said Gorman.

“The SEC needs to determine if Musk’s first tweet was a false statement when he put This specific out,” said Gorman. “There must be some documentation around conversations about funding, even if This specific’s limited. If the Saudi sovereign wealth fund has the ability in addition to willingness to do This specific, in addition to Musk knew at the time, you might not like the way he did This specific, nevertheless I don’t think of which’s an enforcement case.”

Musk did make reference to existing shareholders rolling their stakes into a private company through a special-purpose vehicle when he first tweeted about Tesla’s take-private last week. The details around how such a fund might work weren’t clear, in addition to there’s no obvious precedent for such a thing.

Musk said Monday he can be being advised by Silver Lake on taking the company private. Silver Lake helped Michael Dell with his management-led buyout of Dell in 2013. This specific’s likely Musk wants to emulate how Dell took his company private, Gorman said. Still, Dell dealt which has a variety of obstacles, including counterbidders in addition to deducing a fair cost for shareholders, when he attempted the leveraged buyout. Musk probably won’t have an easy time moving forward which has a buyout even if he avoids the SEC’s glare, Gorman said.

“He can’t make the company do This specific,” Gorman said. “If the company decides This specific doesn’t want to do This specific, then This specific won’t.”

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