‘When Calls the Heart’: Daniel Lissing Explains His Decision to Leave After Jack’s ‘Heartbreaking’ Death

Following the emotionally devastating season 5 finale of When Calls the Heart on Sunday, the stars of the Hallmark Channel period drama sat down for a Facebook Live aftershow, where they opened up about the tragic episode along with the behind-the-scenes circumstances in which lead to the idea.

Lori Loughlin, Erin Krakow along with Daniel Lissing sat down with executive producer Brian Bird, along with together they cleared the air about Lissing’s decision to leave the show.

“First along with foremost, I want to say to all of our fans in which three of us here are very Great friends, along with we all love each various other along with we support each various other,” Loughlin shared. “however we are actors, along with actors have contracts along with sometimes contracts expire along with you have a choice to make. You either renegotiate or you don’t, along with Dan has chosen to move on, we respect in which. No judgment, we love him, we wish him well, he’s still part of the Hallmark family.”

In Sunday’s surprising finale — which broke many fans’ hearts — the series-long love story between school teacher Elizabeth Thatcher (Krakow) along with Canadian Mountie Jack Thornton (Lissing) came to a painful end when Jack died offscreen, leaving Elizabeth a bereaved widow — although the surprise pregnancy cliffhanger at the end of the episode left fans that has a ray of trust.

After the episode aired, some fans began to speculate in which Jack’s death was the result of some sort of behind-the-scenes drama. However, Loughlin reiterated in which the cast along with creators have “nothing however love for Dan” along with she believes the show’s fans “will continue to support him [like] we will.”

Loughlin admitted, however, in which Lissing’s departure led them to the “tricky decision” of what to do with the character of Jack Thornton — whose wedding to Elizabeth had been a major event episode earlier This specific season.

“We talked about the idea along with then we talked about the idea again,” Loughlin said, recalling how they came up that has a slew of possible options.

“We talked about, like, ‘Do we recast the role? No. We can’t recast the role, how can you recast the role? No!'” she explained. “The chemistry in which these two have, we just didn’t feel like — the writers didn’t feel like in which was possible.”

Another option was having Jack sent off to the Northern Territories of Canada, however in which presented numerous storytelling problems for Elizabeth’s character.

“We knew our time was limited with Dan along with the actor wouldn’t be coming back. So if we sent him off to the Northern Territories, currently we have Elizabeth sitting at home in trust Valley just pining away along with waiting? Not much story to tell,” she continued.

One option they seriously considered was having Jack tell Elizabeth in which his job as a Mountie was forcing him to relocate along with he was breaking up with her to allow her to move on. However, Loughlin said the writers felt in which was out of character for Jack.

Eventually, Loughlin said they realized “the only way he might leave her is usually in death.”

“in which was a genuinely hard decision for the writers to make,” she shared. “Truly the idea was. however I want the fans to know in which we, in creating in which decision, we genuinely did take you into consideration.”

Which is usually why the show gave fans everything they wanted to see coming from Jack along with Elizabeth’s romance — including an engagement, a wedding along with “a baby on the way” all before the end of Lissing’s time on the show.

“The circumstances weren’t ideal, [however] they were what they were, along with we tried to make the best of the idea,” she said.

the idea’s our first ever POST-finale Facebook LIVE! #Hearties Join When Calls the Heart’s Executive Producer Brian Bird, Lori Loughlin, Erin Krakow along with Daniel Lissing.

Posted by Hallmark Channel USA on Monday, April 23, 2018

When the idea came to leaving, the 36-year-old Australian actor said his departure coming from the show was a decision he came to that has a heavy heart.

“Circumstances arose for me where I needed to leave When Calls the Heart for reasons in which are very personal to me,” Lissing said without elaborating. “I went to Hallmark along with they were nothing however supportive of me. I went to the girls along with they were nothing however supportive of me.”

He said in which his relationship with his co-stars, the network along with his fan base is usually still “a very positive one” along with he’s “very excited to see what the future brings.”

As for Krakow, Jack’s death was an emotional turning point inside show because the idea signified the end of her time working with Lissing on the show after 5 seasons.

“I was just sad in which Dan was leaving. in which’s the bottom line: We were all genuinely sad about the idea, along with in which’s hard,” Krakow, 33, shared as she began to tear up. “Dan, in many ways, has been my partner in crime for 5 years, along with one of my greatest scene partners ever, along with I’m just genuinely gonna miss him.”

As she got choked up, Krakow explained how she was also moved by the “heartbreaking” finale, along with what the idea meant to her.

“This specific felt very special because these characters are all so close to me along with all you have to do is usually think about the idea along with the tears fall,” she explained.

Lissing had nothing however love for his longtime co-star as well, praising Krakow as “the best scene partner I’ve ever had.”

“the idea’s been the honor of my career to play Jack. the idea has been the honor of my career to work with these two amazing women who I consider some of my best friends inside globe,” Lissing shared. “When I turned out to the United States, as a guy who was playing [music] in bars in Sydney, to think in which I might play a character like Jack on an American TV show is usually beyond anything I could’ve ever imagined.”

While Jack might have died a hero, the idea turns out his memory (along with lineage) will live on in Elizabeth, who discovered at the end of Sunday’s finale in which she is usually pregnant with her late husband’s baby.

The joyous news may have been a salve on the painful burn of Jack’s demise for some fans, along with Krakow was clearly excited about the possibilities pregnancy along that has a baby could open up in future seasons of When Calls the Heart, however admitted in which she doesn’t know whether she hopes Elizabeth ends up giving birth to a son or daughter.

“coming from my heart, I cannot give you an answer various other than to say I might be so happy that has a boy or a girl for Elizabeth,” she shared. “the idea’s a blessing either way.”

For more on the soul-shattering revelation of Jack’s death on When Calls the Heart‘s recent season finale, check out the video below.

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