White House backs Roy Moore in all although name

The White House on Monday appeared to shift its message concerning embattled Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore: Focusing on Moore’s potential to advance President Donald Trump’s agenda, irrespective of the multiple sexual allegations against him.

Trump has yet to formally endorse Moore, although during a daily briefing with reporters, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked directly whether Trump wants Moore to win the Senate seat.

“The president wants people inside the House as well as Senate who support his agenda,” Sanders said. The subtext was clear: Given the choice between Moore as well as his opponent, Democrat Doug Jones, Trump “wants people” who are Republicans.

Sanders’ message was a departure coming from the administration’s previous talking points on Moore, released soon after the first wave of allegations against were published on Nov. 9. They included a statement which read in part, “The president believes that will if these allegations are true, Judge Moore will do the right thing as well as step aside.”

inside the nearly two weeks since the White House put out This specific statement, several more women have come forward with allegations against Moore.

although Moore shows no signs of stepping aside. Instead, he insists that will the allegations are false, as well as part of “a desperate political attack” on his campaign.

Faced using a binary choice between Moore as well as Jones, the White House has sided with Moore.

Just hours before Sanders briefed reporters, White House communications aide Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox News Channel, where she, too, refused to endorse Moore by name. Still, when the item comes to the Alabama Senate election, Conway said, the White House wants “the votes inside the Senate to get [GOP tax reform legislation] through.”

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