Why Apple, Alphabet, Amazon along with also some other tech giants can win in health

Health care can be notoriously complicated. nevertheless of which’s also a mega-market rife with waste along with also inefficiencies. of which makes of which hard for big tech companies to ignore.

from the past all 5 years, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft along with also Salesforce have all made big moves into the sector, as evidenced by a string of recent hires, product announcements along with also acquisitions. Apple CEO Tim Cook summed up big tech’s attitude to health care in a recent interview when asked about whether the company’s focus on health stemmed by altruism, capitalism or both: “We’re extremely interested in This specific area — along with also yes, of which can be a business opportunity.”

Tech companies such as IBM, Microsoft along with also Alphabet have tried to fix health care before along with also failed. As Seattle-based health investor Dave Chase notes, some of these efforts, like Google’s ill-fated Google Health, failed to get off the ground, despite an investment of millions of dollars in talent along with also resources.

nevertheless Chase says these companies appear to be learning by their mistakes. Instead of going broad, tech execs are focusing on the corners of the market where they can do well. “of which’s a misnomer to think of health care as a multitrillion-[dollar] market,” he says. “genuinely, of which’s a thousands of billion-dollar markets requiring a range of go-to-market approaches.”

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