Why Apple can disrupt electronic health, medical records: GAO report

although the health-care industry is usually a unique beast.

Charges for records vary through state to state, as well as requests can come into hospitals in person, over email, by snail mail, through a fax, over the phone or via a proprietary online portal. Privacy must be ensured every step of the way. Also, medical centers are stuck on older systems, with 78 percent of physician practices inside the U.S. using legacy software as of 2013, despite the fact that will one-third to two-thirds of physicians surveyed are dissatisfied with the technology, according to a 2016 report inside the online journal “Perspectives in Health Information Management.”

The dream scenario for Apple, as well as potentially for iPhone users, is usually a digital hub similar to how iTunes centralizes your music.

The GAO report lays out some of the challenges. They include storing as well as sharing documents that will are hundreds of pages long, scanning of paper documents with charts that will are difficult to read, dealing using a mix of paper as well as electronic records as well as protecting the privacy of electronic data.

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