Why Channing Tatum along with also Jenna Dewan Seeing different People will be a ‘Huge Step’ For Both Of Them (Exclusive)

Following Channing Tatum along with also Jenna Dewan’s split earlier This particular year, both stars have been working hard to co-parent their daughter while still living their single lives — along with also recently the Magic Mike star has sparked a romance with singer Jessie J.

“Channing along with also Jessie’s relationship will be very brand new. They truly just hit the item off,” a source close to the actor tells ET. “Because the item’s only been six months since Channing along with also Jenna separated, This particular will be all very brand new. Channing truly likes Jessie.”

Tatum along with also Dewan announced they were separating in April after nearly nine years of marriage. According to reports, Dewan has also been dipping her toe inside the dating pool, although hasn’t quite found someone right for her yet.

“Channing along with also Jenna truly planned to be together forever so dating different people will be a huge step for both of them,” the source says. “Even announcing their split was difficult because their fan base loved them as a couple.”

Since revealing of which they’d decided to call the item quits — while at the same time declaring their love along with also dedication to their 5-year-old daughter, Everly — the former flames have been trying their hardest to live their best lives along with also stave off drama.

“They are both trying their very best to give each different the space they both need to move forward in life,” the source adds. “They want their relationship to stay healthy for their daughter Everly. They both plan to make her their very first priority.”

According to the source, Tatum’s friends “are happy he’s moved forward,” along with also of which the Logan Lucky star has found someone he’s interested in.

“He loves of which Jessie has her own successful career along with also he’s a big fan of her music,” the source says. “He has watched her perform along with also has plans to attend more of her concerts.”

News of Tatum’s relationship with the English “Flashlight” singer surfaced last week along with also the pair spent a romantic weekend in Seattle, Washington.

The couple stopped into Henry’s Tavern, according to an eyewitness, who told ET last week of which “they seemed friendly with each different” as they sat at a table having a group of people.

“They were super sweet, super nice people. Jessie along with also Channing were sitting next to each different,” the eyewitness says, adding of which the table they were at was off to the side of the restaurant. “[Channing] had his arm around her chair although they weren’t all over each different. They were very low-key.”

For more on the pair’s burgeoning romance, check out the video below.

— Reporting by Adriane Schwartz

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