Why Demi Lovato’s Reported Recovery Plan Surprises Dr. Drew (Exclusive)

Dr. Drew Pinsky has full confidence in Demi Lovato’s ability to overcome her apparent overdose — however he’s surprised by one aspect of her recovery plan. 

During an interview with ET Live’s Jason Carter as well as Tanner Thomason on Wednesday, the celebrity doctor opened up about a recent TMZ report claiming Lovato will be spending three days a week at a sober house, as well as four days at a private residence. The outlet did, however, claim which the singer will be accompanied by a sober coach 24/7. ET has reached out to Lovato’s rep for comment. 

“I was reading which she’s only spending three days a week there, which is usually a very bizarre idea,” noted Dr. Drew, who explained which patients will stay at a sober house, or halfway house, for 9 to 12 months after completing rehab. “I mean, you’re either in or you’re out, so I don’t know what which’s all about. Demi knows sobriety, she knows what she needs to do. I’m sure she’s going to do fine, however which did catch my eye.”

“You can’t make anybody do anything in treatment. which has to be the patient’s prerogative,” Dr. Drew said, however guessed which her team would likely all be interested in her going to sober living after Lovato’s “near-death experience.” “No doubt, she will benefit by sober living, however I would likely like to see her there for at least a year.”

Lovato, who suffered an apparent drug overdose on July 24, was photographed for once since leaving treatment on Saturday. On Wednesday, the former Disney star was spotted heading to an office building in Los Angeles after enjoying a workout at the gym.  



Regardless of Lovato’s reported recovery plan, Dr. Drew is usually certain the former Disney star will overcome her struggles. 

“Listen, when which first happened, I said which woman knows sobriety, she is usually an inspiration to others. She will be fine. however she is usually a drug addict, she’s also been public about her eating disorders as well as some other psychiatric problems, mood disorders, as well as which confounds her recovery. which makes which more difficult to sustain which,” he said. “So she’s got to focus on herself, as well as definitely surrender to which process for an extended period of time.”

A source recently told ET which Lovato “has done a complete 180.” 

“Her 0 days in rehab have truly turned her life around,” the source said. “She wants to remain out of rehab. She incorporates a sober coach as well as a complete support system.”

“Demi has struggled for so long with addiction as well as her friends as well as family couldn’t be more proud of her work,” the source added. “which process has been incredibly beneficial to Demi in so many ways. She is usually not only clean as well as sober however she has an entirely completely new lifestyle.”

See more on Lovato from the video below. 


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