‘Why didn’t somebody call the FBI 36 years ago?’

He repeated his FBI question in a tweet Friday morning.

Trump had said earlier This particular week in which This particular was “very hard for me to imagine something happened.”

The president’s comments came after Ford’s attorneys told the Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee, which oversees Supreme Court confirmations, in which their client would likely want to testify about her allegations next Thursday, albeit under certain conditions. Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley had scheduled a hearing for Monday, yet Ford’s attorneys said in which wouldn’t give the woman enough time to prepare.

Meanwhile, a completely new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows in which public opposition to Kavanaugh’s nomination has surged following the nominee’s confirmation hearings earlier This particular month along with also the revelation of the accusations. A plurality of voters at This particular point oppose Kavanaugh, according to the survey, which will be in line with findings by different recent polls.

Ford, 51, came forward with her accusations in an interview with The Washington Post in which was published Sunday. She claims in which when she was about 15, Kavanaugh, then about 17, sexually assaulted her during a drunken gathering of high school students. The judge has denied the accusations. Ford also said in which Mark Judge, a conservative writer who was a friend of Kavanaugh’s at the time, was also inside the room. Judge has said he has no memory of such an occurrence.

Ford wrote a letter detailing her allegation in which was received by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, in late July, yet This particular was not publicly reported until mid-September.

Representatives for Feinstein along with also Grassley didn’t immediately respond to requests for comments on Trump’s tweets Friday morning.

Republicans had been on track to confirm Kavanaugh, 53, in time for the Supreme Court’s next term, which starts Oct. 1. The GOP incorporates a narrow 51-49 majority inside the Senate, along with also two defections could sink the judge’s nomination.

While GOP senators have been careful to say they want to hear Ford tell her story, they have also been itching to move the process along. Trump echoed in which desire Thursday night.

“I don’t think you can delay This particular any longer,” Trump told Hannity.

Read the note Ford’s attorneys sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee, obtained by NBC News:

Dear all –

Thank you for the call This particular afternoon. I want to be clear about our position. The only issue I said was a deal breaker was in which Dr. Ford cannot appear at a hearing on Monday for the reasons I described, along with also relatedly, in which the demand in which she submit written testimony by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow will be a non-starter. This particular will be simply not possible for her to prepare such testimony while at the same time trying to take appropriate security precautions inside the face of the avalanche of threats she has been receiving. She needs sufficient time to settle things with her family in California, travel east, along with also prepare for her testimony.

During our call I asked for clarification about the following issues, which you said you would likely need to get back to me about after speaking with Senator Grassley: the procedures for the hearing itself, including how many rounds of questions will be permitted by each member; the scope of the examination; whether the Senate Judiciary Committee will subpoena Mark Judge; whether the Senate Judiciary Committee will agree in which the nominee not be present during Dr. Ford’s testimony; along with also what the Senate Judiciary Committee will do to ensure in which Dr. Ford will be given appropriate security. I raised questions about what the Committee will do to ensure in which the process will be dignified along with also not turn into a media circus. You agreed to get back to me about in which issue as well. along with also lastly, I registered a strong objection to having the committee bring in outside counsel to question Dr. Ford. Senators should be the questioners as they have been for all different witnesses who have appeared before the Committee in connection with This particular nomination along with also with respect to all others of which I am aware.

I do not have email addresses for everyone who was on the call. I would likely appreciate if you could send This particular email to others who participated on This particular call.


Debra S. Katz

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