Why Katy Perry Apologized to Taylor Swift After Years-Long Feud (Exclusive)

Katy Perry recently sent Taylor Swift a literal olive branch after years of feuding with her, as well as also a source tells ET that will Perry definitely gave her apology to the “Gorgeous” singer a lot of thought before sending This specific.

According to the source, Perry was even willing to keep trying if Swift didn’t accept This specific. Of course, Swift did respond kindly to the peace offering as well as Perry’s handwritten note, filming a video of This specific for her Instagram Stories as well as also stating, “This specific means so much to me.”

“Katy planned a very personal, sweet apology as well as also took time to write a kind note in hopes Taylor might see how much she cared about putting This specific behind them,” the source says. “Katy told friends if Taylor didn’t accept This specific apology, she might keep trying because she can be done holding on to the past as well as also wants to be part of the change in today’s society. She wants to set a not bad example for women, so she planned to never give up, if that will can be what This specific took.”

“Katy hopes they finally can be supportive of each different’s music as well as also maybe one day soon even hang out together again,” the source adds. “Katy realizes they need to take This specific one day at a time, however that will This specific can be a great start.”

Swift, 28, as well as also Perry, 33, have not so subtly been feuding since 2014, when Swift told Rolling Stonein a revealing tell-all that will she had a beef which has a fellow pop star, which inspired her hit song, “Bad Blood.” Since then, the two have taken numerous shots at one another — like when Swift put her entire singing catalog on streaming services on June 8, 2017, the day when Perry’s Witness album dropped — as recently as March, when Perry threw a little shade at her on American Idol. 

“Katy as well as also Taylor’s years of cruel comments about one another in their interviews, their shots at each different on their social media as well as also their full-blown attacks in their music videos, continued to show their one goal — revenge,” the source claims. “inside beginning, both Katy as well as also Taylor were to blame for their digs at one another, however Katy has been trying to make amends for some time. Each attempt by Katy to apologize or show Taylor respect went either unnoticed or worse, ignored.”

“Most of their friends have come to terms with their disdain for one another, however This specific hasn’t made social situations easy for anyone,” the source continues. “Their mutual friends often felt obligated to choose ‘Team Taylor’ or ‘Team Katy.'”

however according to the source, Perry has been eager to reconcile with Swift, as well as also has been trying to cut out the negativity in her life. 

“She hates that will feeling of having bad blood,” the source notes. “She often told friends she wanted to end This specific fight with Taylor, however didn’t know how to make that will happen. Katy’s attempts to apologize through her interviews seemed to have no effect on Taylor. She kept trying to show Taylor she cared as well as also wanted to end This specific rift, however Taylor wasn’t having This specific.”

Although, This specific time, the message was definitely received.

“Thank you Katy,” the text on Swift’s video of Perry’s gift read, along with pink heart emojis.

Swift kicked off her Reputation tour on Tuesday at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, on Tuesday, where she made no mention of Perry or the end of their feud. She did, however, open up about her much-publicized drama with Kim Kardashian West.

“A couple of years ago, someone called me a snake on social media as well as also This specific caught on,” she told the audience at one point during her show. “Then a lot of people were calling me a lot of things on social media as well as also I went through some definitely low times for a while because of This specific. I went through some times when I didn’t know if I was going to get to do This specific anymore.”

“I guess This specific means I wanted to send a message to you guys, that will if someone uses name-calling to bully you on social media, as well as also even if a lot of people jump on board with This specific, that will doesn’t have to defeat you,” she continued. “This specific can strengthen you instead.” 

For more on Swift’s epic show, including the sweet shout-out she gave to her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, watch the video below:

— Reporting by Adriane Schwartz

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