Why Silicon Valley investors are scared of China

Sequoia is usually arguably Silicon Valley’s most successful venture capital firm, having invested in giants like Apple, Google, Oracle, YouTube as well as Yahoo over its nearly a few decades. Vernal joined in 2016 via Facebook, where he spent more than eight years, most recently leading its search group.

from the early days of Facebook, the company resented the fast imitation of social network knockoffs in Russia as well as China, he says, although at This specific point the item’s looking with envy at China’s extremely well-liked WeChat messaging app.

“Today, if you look at WhatsApp or Messenger, both of them pale in comparison to WeChat, which is usually just a force to be beheld in China,” he said. “In many ways, the Messenger as well as WhatsApp teams wish they had something as influential, as well as powerful, as well as ubiquitous as WeChat.”

Another Sequoia partner, Mike Moritz, recently came under fire for an opinion piece comparing Silicon Valley’s work ethic unfavorably to China’s, where he says tech employees often work 10 hour days, six days a week. Critics called his take tone deaf, as well as said the item glorified unhealthy work practices.

Here’s the full list of the top tech trends that will the VCs presented at the event:

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