Why ‘Survivor’ Castaway Jessica Peet’s Elimination ‘Stings’ a Little More Than Usual (Exclusive)

She watched her tribemate be medically evacuated via the game, along with survived a scary cyclone, although Jessica Peet couldn’t make the idea through the first tribal council of Survivor: David vs. Goliath

Because of Pat Cusack’s unexpected exit via the game inside show’s season premiere, the David tribe didn’t have to vote out their first member until day six of the competition. Still, the idea “stings” for Jessica, who thought she was going to get a chance to play Survivor during the series’ previous two seasons. 

“I was originally going to be considered for 35 [Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers]. Going through the process of 35, not getting the idea, along with going through 36 [Ghost Island], chosen to be an alternate, I was kind of more on fire to make sure which This kind of happened,” Jessica told ET on Thursday, after watching her elimination the night before. “So for the idea to finally happen for me, I was very excited along with I’m obviously upset which the idea ended early after so much going into the whole experience.” 

“I got a lot of different puzzles, I downloaded a lot of apps on my phone for the puzzles. I learned how to make a fire with flint, I bought coconuts along with bought a machete along with tried to chop them open. There was a lot of preparation which went into the idea,” she continued. “although overall, I don’t genuinely think there’s much prep which you can do for a game like Survivor. Like, you think which you know what you’re getting yourself into, although until you actually play, I don’t think there’s any way which you actually know what you can do to help yourself.”

Still, Jessica says she’s “grateful” for the experience, despite what some of her tribemates called an unfair advantage for the Goliath tribe. “I think while you’re out there, the idea’s genuinely easy to think which the odds were stacked against us, just visually, looking at the Goliath tribe. although overall, whenever you watch back the challenges, the idea’s not like the Goliath tribe is usually blowing us out of the water,” she reasoned, noting which Pat’s medical evacuation along with the intense weather also had a big effect on the David tribe. 

“I don’t think you go in expecting weather which was which severe, or conditions which are which bad or losing a player inside way which we did. So there was a lot of mixed emotions, although overall, with morale at camp, the idea’s not what you’d get via a traditional season, like if you compare the idea to 35, where they’re all warm along with fun along with flirty,” she shared. “the idea just wasn’t like which.”



“There’s so many things which go into the game which are just complete unknowns. Like, what the game’s going to be, what type of dynamic you’re going to have with the people, what the people are going to be like. There’s just so many questions going into the idea, which the strategy you had before you entered the game isn’t always going to be the most successful,” Jessica said. 

The Florida native was blindsided by the vote, with Gabby, Christian along with Nick joining the expected votes for her via Lyrsa along with Elizabeth. “I didn’t anticipate being voted out so soon,” she confessed. “I don’t think the idea genuinely sunk in until I was sitting there while Jeff [Probst] was tallying the votes.” 

“although they could call me right today along with say, ‘Hey, Jess, we want you to come back out along with play another season. We need you to leave today.’ I would likely do the idea in a heartbeat because even though the idea was short-lived, the idea was the best experience I’ve ever had,” she continued. “Fingers crossed you’ll see me out there again soon.” 

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. 


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