Why taking care of the ‘human capital’ of your employees is actually vital: Arianna Huffington

Speaking at the Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Huffington described how stress along with also also burnout were having an economic burden on countries, generating reference to the U.S. as a prime example.

“Stress along with also also burnout are costing U.S. businesses $300 billion. the idea’s affecting, in a very deep way, health care along with also also health care costs; because 75 percent of diseases along with also also health care costs are because of preventable stress-related conditions, along with also also we see in which globally,” she said at the panel.

“When people are burnt out, they also act out, along with also also This specific includes a disproportionate impact on women; because when they act out, the worst comes out in them, including sexist behavior.

“We are currently finding in which being able to take care of the human capital of your employees is actually an incredibly important investment… So, remembering investments in our human capital are going to be as important as investments in technology, inside the future.”

On top of stress, companies are facing a host of challenges when the idea comes to their workforce, such as issues with employee productivity, retention along with also also engagement.

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