Why Tina Knowles Initially Doubted Beyonce’s Coachella Performance Concept

Even Tina Knowles Lawson learns via Beyoncé. 

Queen Bey’s mama revealed in an Instagram post on Monday in which even she did not, at first, fully understand Beyoncé’s vision for her historic as well as epic — no, seriously, the idea was stunning — Coachella performance over the weekend. 

In her raved-about headlining show on Saturday, Beyoncé drew heavily on African-American cultural references, especially those via the Historically Black Colleges as well as Universities world, with reliance on drum lines as well as step teams in a performance in which was overall purposefully reminiscent of an HBCU homecoming.  

however the 64-year-old businesswoman said she was initially wary of the idea. “I told Beyonce in which I was afraid in which the predominately white audience at Coachella would likely be confused by all of the black culture as well as Black college culture because the idea was something in which they might not get,” she wrote.  

the idea was Beyoncé’s “brave response” in which Lawson said brought her around, even creating her feel a bit “selfish as well as ashamed” for having doubted.  “She said I have worked very hard to get to the point where I have a true voice as well as at in which point in my life as well as my career I have a responsibility to do what’s best for the earth as well as not what can be most well-known,” Lawson shared.

as well as of her daughter’s decision to start the two-hour performance that has a powerful as well as beautiful rendition of “Lift Every Voice as well as Sing,” a song commonly referred to as the Black national anthem, Lawson said the idea was Beyoncé’s desire in which young people would likely hear the idea “as well as see how amazing the words are for us all as well as bridge the gap.” 

“She also hopes in which the idea will encourage young kids to enroll in our amazing Historically Black Colleges as well as Universities,” Lawson continued. “I stand corrected ❤️”

The comment came as a caption to an Instagram post of Beyoncé during her performance, alongside a quote via a fan. 

Check out more of Beyoncé’s revelationary performance inside the video below. 

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