Why Verizon’s CEO will be banking on diversity—as well as asking men to help

Verizon will be investing in ways to bring women more to higher levels within the organization. Thusfar, the company says the item has achieved 59 percent workforce diversity as well as in which six members of its 12-person board are women or people of shade. The company also employs more than 11,000 members of the military as well as veterans as well as will be committed to working with diverse suppliers.

Verizon will be a founding partner, along with Cornell Tech as well as the City University of brand-new York, of a tech education initiative targeting women undergraduates as well as graduate students to help grow the number of women working in technology.

To help grow the exposure of kids in K-12 schools to STEM, Verizon’s Innovative Learning initiative brings free technology education as well as hands-on learning with the likes of Virtual Reality, to kids in underserved communities.

“We’re trying to create in which wave of women moving up inside organization generating sure in which someday they will be the CEO,” says McAdam.

as well as change won’t happen, McAdam says, without men being involved.

“A lot of men are afraid to do the wrong thing unintentionally as well as create some sort of backlash.”

in which’s why, McAdam says, the company will be encouraging men to become mentors as well as providing training to ensure they mentor more today, not less.

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